Libra march 24 weekly horoscope

Venus enters Pisces March 26 — April 20 focusing our attention on recreational endeavors. While Venus is in Pisces, music, poetry, the arts, psychic phenomena, and spiritual and religious practices will all be endearing and lively pursuits. Venus is the feminine planet of love, and Pisces is an extremely feminine, dreamy and spiritual placement for the love force of Venus.

Mars, the planet of war, energy, action, force and pressure will focus its attention through Gemini, the sign of thinking, communicating and duality March 30 — May When the energy is harnessed, action manifests as writing, speeches, discussions and communications, and all of these expressions will have a fiery and inspired flare. As a general rule, Mars in Gemini helps to activate and stimulate dual perspectives, making it easy to see and understand both sides of a heated discussion while making it more difficult to take sides.

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Your November Monthly Horoscope

Reveal as much information about you and your partner intention of opening doors of understanding and awareness. Love Cards Report. Aries : This week sees the return of your confidence. As the Sun journeys through your sign, your motivation, enthusiasm, and energy levels will grow. This is a time to recharge your batteries by engaging in activities that lift your spirits. It is also a time when self-analysis can be beneficial, and it is particularly important now to examine what you need for your happiness. Discover a personal profile and 1-year forecast based on advanced calculations of your name and birth date.

Numerology Report. Taurus : How well have you managed the art of living in the past year? Either way, this is a good time to declutter your life in the broadest sense of the phrase. Let go of anything that no longer works for you, and try to acknowledge the less effective parts of your personality.

Once brought into conscious awareness, those parts will begin to have less influence over your behavior. Need a guide for your growth and personal evolution based on astrological influences upon your personality? New Age Natal Report. Gemini : The good news is that Mercury turns direct this week. Unless, of course, you tune in to your higher guidance because the main gift that comes with the conjunction between Mercury and Neptune is inspired guidance.

You can access this guidance through meditation, dreams, prayer or quiet contemplation. Artistic endeavors such as poetry, painting and music can also bring through valuable insights, so choose activities that appeal to you, and allow them to be your compass for the week. Sometimes the universe points us in another direction, and this week, your best direction is your social life.

Spend time with your friends, heal any wounds or rifts with a particular friend, or share your fears or problems with a friend. The more you can get out and connect with like-minded people, the more everything else will fall into place. This interpretation of your birth chart is written in simple language could be beneficial in self undestanding. Merlin Report. Cancer : Progress with work or your direction in life is highlighted at present, but there might be some sort of problem.

Is something holding you back? Do you have doubts or insecurities concerning your capacity to succeed? Or is there a situation triggering deep-rooted discomfort?

Libra Weekly Horoscope (23 Sep-29 Sep)

It would seem that the way forward is to help those who mirror your problems or embrace opportunities that first arouse discomfort. Find space within your closest relationship to just be yourself; you've spent too long trying to be what other people want you to be. Taking up a hobby or a creative pastime which you can enjoy on your own would be healthy too.

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You may feel frustrated that your dreams are still out of reach - but how much practical action have you taken towards them recently? It's time to stop dreaming and instead to get on with real steps forwards. Friendships are in the spotlight and some may be ending, perhaps for bittersweet reasons. Keep looking towards the light as new friends are waiting in the wings. People come into - and leave - your life for good reasons.

It's not easy balancing work and family life but you manage it better than most. You may have to remind your family of the sacrifices you're making, as someone is taking you very much for granted. Keep trying your best and keep smiling. Events this week may remind you how much you have to learn - but that's a good thing, as you're progressing and developing all the time.

Weekly Horoscope

Embrace new study opportunities, take a new course or learn a new skill. People are demanding rather too much of you - but you don't have to give them everything they want. Draw a line and don't be afraid to say no when people overstep it. Put your own health and sanity first. Love is tempestuous and intoxicating and potentially slightly risky, all at once.

An exciting place to be if you're free and single; if you're not, be aware that the choices you make now could have serious repercussions later. Tackle fears and phobias head on now before they hold you back any further.


There's a lot of psychological work for you to do this week, but once that's done, you'll feel much freer and able to embrace the future with confidence. Don't listen to those who give advice from afar. You're the one dealing with the problem, so the only advice you need is your own inner instinct.

Those who don't have to deal with the consequences should have no say in how you handle this. There's too much to do and too little time - you're going to need to prioritize. Put family issues top of the list, yourself next and everything else a distant third.

This energy is about knowing what matters most to you. Your opinions can make a difference in the world, provided you communicate them strongly. No more implying or beating around the bush or hoping people will get what you mean - speak loudly, clearly, directly and firmly. Think about your professional image, your dignity and your integrity. Present an accomplished face to the world, even if you're shaking in your boots.

Status and success come from making people believe that you're a calm, cool head. Take a wider, more philosophical view of your everyday niggles. How much do they really matter, in the greater scheme of things? Focus your energy now on life's bigger questions and leave minor worries to sort themselves out.

This week's energy is about understanding your own power. Spend time understanding which parts of your life you can control and where or instead where it's necessary to simply go with the flow. Don't waste time on battles you cannot possibly win. Love is a key focus this week and Jupiter's arrival in your romance zone is fantastic news if you're looking for a long-term partner. In an established relationship, work together on your shared goals.

This pleasant, affectionate, charming and sociable influence is a good omen for friendships and romance. This is a good Libra weekly horoscope for seeking pleasure through sex, amusement, entertainment and partying, but also for relaxing in comfort or having fun with children. The Page of Wands often means a literal person in your life. In this case, it can indicate a female who is younger than you.

Wands people are warm, ambitious, and usually high achievers.

Libra - Weekly Horoscope from 18th March to 24th March 2018

If not a literal person, the Page of Wands indicates the energy of easy distraction.